Visual Studio Productivity Tips

published 6 months ago by Microsoft

In this episode, Robert is joined by Kendra Havens. Every version of Visual Studio introduces new productivity features. If you want to see some of the ones introduced in Visual Studio 2019, check out Kendra's video here. But what about the ones that have been in Visual Studio for a while that you may have missed? To see some of those, watch this video. Kendra shows:Navigate backward [03:55]Solution Explorer tips [04:55]Editor context menu (Alt + `) [06:40]Keyboard command mapping [09:30]Right-click on .sln > Open With [13:00]Clipboard History (Ctrl + Shift + V) [14:10]Go to recent files (Ctrl + T + R) [15:10]Go to last edit location (Ctrl + Shift + Backspace)[15:20]Multi-caret editing [16:10]Using Git in Team Explorer [19:00]Code snippets (Ctrl + K, Ctrl + X) [24:55]Resources:Sample code showing productivity quick fixes and refactoringsProductivity features in Visual Studio 2019Increase your .NET Productivity talk at Build 2019  

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