AnimeCons TV - What to Do with Convention Badges

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Do you keep them or throw them out? How do you store them if you keep them? We share a few badge ideas. Here's a link to the Recollections Photo Album at Michaels which Patrick uses.

Heroin Patrick here. Anime cons TV and so we've been wanting to do for quite awhile has been talking about convention badges. And what do you do with them after the current. Now if you only been a couple comments politico what's the big deal you know I just keep it. As a souvenir. Or maybe even throw it away after the con but once you've been to a lot of cons. starts been a problem. so we asked a few episodes ago to send in some ideas of what you do with your badges and we heard from Millicent comin who said I've been storing mine in a box with my program books but now I should get started on displaying them. that's actually what I did for awhile to write I just started you know just. Put on my dresser and then I had enough I got a shoe box and put it in that. And ...

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