SharePoint Online and OneDrive Multi-Geo to control where your data resides

published 4 months ago by Microsoft Mechanics

Configure where SharePoint's site data is stored and where individual users' OneDrive files reside with Multi-Geo capabilities in Office 365 SharePoint Online, now generally available. If you already use Office 365 Multi-Geo, you'll learn how to make content moves and get details on its updates. Multi-Geo in Office 365 is all about controlling data residency in regions or countries of your choice. In SharePoint on-premises Multi-Geo deployments are typically extensive and a resource-intensive undertaking. To solve for this, you may have set up separate on-premises farms to meet your local data residency needs, which results in data silos and limited collaboration. With Office 365 Multi-Geo capabilities for SharePoint Online, we help you work as one organization with simple setup and management of where your data resides, while controlling how your data is shared and searched. Whatch the video demo and implement today.

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