AD #2118 – BMW Concept 8 Series, Trump Blasts German OEMs, How Autonomy Will Impact Suppliers

published 1 year ago by John McElroy

- Small Cars Not As Safe - BMW Concept 8 Series - Faraday’s Bleak Future - Trump Blasts German OEMs - How Autonomy Will Impact Suppliers

On today's show BMW reveals its new sleek looking high Hankook concept Evey startup Verde doesn't seem like it has that much of a future and president trump last German automakers for selling too many cars in the U. S. on that mark coming right up online daily. This is not a line daily the shelf for enthusiasts of the automotive industry. Well if you're in the market for a new car in safety is a big priority you'll want to steer clear of small cars. A new report from the I. I. H. **** shows that small vehicles have the highest rate of driver death. Hyundai accent kia Rio and sighing on T. seat topped the list of worst performers. And you should be too surprised here luxury cars and SUVs where the safest vehicles. In fact the number had 0 dry ...

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