How To Frost Glass DIY Project - GardenFork.TV

published 3 years ago by Eric Rochow

I wanted to frost the glass of some cabinet fronts, so i used the spray glass frosting. Here’s how I did it. Get Our Email News: Would you consider becoming a monthly supporter of GardenFork? For less than a cup of coffee, you can! Learn more on our Patreon page here: Support GardenFork while shopping at Amazon, start here:

Thank god for I wanna show you had a frost window glass it's pretty easy ready. Here we go. Okay okay garden for I do a little rearranging in the kitchen here and these are not my favorite cabinets they're here and I can't afford new cabinets. But I had glasses. In these cabinets. Behind the glass but now I try to make more efficient I've got. Basically air condiments to cook with behind here and when you close this. Economists don't go away you just see right through the glass and. It doesn't look right so the show is solution I came up with. So I don't have to see other condiments. Through the glass. There we go make sex grow. Darden for. So here's my thought enough frost this glass you can buy glass that's frosted. But. This class is already here and Scott ...

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