Kill Switch Engage | TechSNAP 320

published 3 years ago by Jupiter Broadcasting

We've got another round of WannaCry analysis, the latest on the FCCs battle over Net neutrality. Then IPv6 Tunnels & you, a 2017 check-in. Plus some fantastic feedback, a robust roundup & so much more!

Coming up on this week's episode of text nap we've got another round of wanna cry analysis the latest on the FCC's battle over net neutrality added 2017 checkin IPV 6 tunnels. And you. Plus some fantastic. A robust roundup. So much more on this. So. Welcome. At a broadcasting's weekly systems network and administration podcast. This episode was streamed in front of a live I RC audience and is brought to you by our 3 excellent sponsors DigitalOcean. Team. And I existence. My name is Wes and joining me this week is Dan the backup master the explainer and the old so busy organizer our friend Dan. Welcome to the show Dan ...

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