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published 1 year ago by Dr. Melissa West - Yoga Teacher - Namaste Yoga

Psoas Release The ongoing demands of our fast paced lives create chronic stress, tension and anxiety, releasing your psoas muscle could provide some welcome relief. Back in 2014 I created a 70 minute video for my members called, Intelligent Core, which challenged the notion that we need six pack abs and asked my students to embrace a supple and dynamic core. A couple of years later, a made a short 16 minute version that they could do when they had less tim. The philosophy behind this class was releasing your psoas with self myofascial release tools like the soft foam roller and the slo mo ball. Liz Koch, author of the Psoas Book believes that our fast paced lives chronically triggers and tightens the psoas. When the psoas is constantly tightened due to stress and tension, it eventually begins to shorten. This can cause low back pain, digestive issues, anxiety, sacroiliac pain, knee pain, sciatica, infertility, disc problems, menstrual pain, scoliosis and hip degeneration. Your psoas muscle is made up of 2 interacting muscles: the psoas and iliacus. It is a long muscle that goes from your solar plexus to your inner leg. It basically connects your spine to your legs and helps both of those structures to move. But more than that your psoas bridges your enteric nervous system and your autonomic nervous system. It is the psoas muscle, through the large nerve ganglia located in your belly that is embedded in your psoas that transmits messages of safety and harmony or vulnerability and overwhelm. Why would you want to lengthen your psoas using a tool like the foam roller, like I do in both the long intelligent core video and the shorter intelligent core video available to our members? When our psoas is engaged for structural support, such as when we stand or sit, it signals a low grade anxiety to our brain. In other words it communicates to our brain that we are in continual survival mode. This signals to your central nervous system to be even more overstressed than it is and further depletes your adrenals and immune system. When you are on guard in this way, your body compensates with habitual muscular patterns. More and more muscles begin to recruit to try and “hold it together.” When we release the psoas like we do on the foam roller and with other techniques in this 70 minute Intelligent Core class, the suppleness of the psoas is restored, the alignment of the pelvis is regained and harmony is renewed. Why then use a myofascial release tool like the slo mo ball to release the psoas, like I do in the 70 minute Intelligent Core Class? Even emotional patterns create emotional tension that gets held in our body, and stored in the psoas. Liz Koch suggests that, “stretched ligaments, tendonitis, sciatica, dislocations, compressed disc, low back, knee, ankle and hip problems may all be traced back to imbalances reflected in an exhausted overused or misused psoas.” The simple and effective self myofascial release using the slo mo ball can restore the suppleness and equilibrium of the psoas. If you made it all the way to the end of the video give yourself a thumbs up and put, my psoas is supple and calm in the comments. If you would like to unlock the long and short versions of this intelligent core video with the self myofascial release techniques then click on the links in the show notes. Thanks for watching. Namaste, Melissa Direct Link for Members: Intelligent Core - 70 mins Short Intelligent Core Class - 16 mins Link to Become a Member

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