AD #2113 – Renault Tests Charging an EV While Driving, Volvo’s Puzzling Sales, Do Hybrids Have a Future?

published 1 year ago by John McElroy

- Volvo’s Puzzling Sales - Renault Tests Charging an EV While Driving - Nissan Teases New LEAF - Mercedes Enters U.S. Home Battery Market - VW Gives the Up! More Power - Do Hybrids Have a Future?

On today's show Renault is testing charging an E. V. while driving Volkswagen small compact the up gets the GT I. treatment and despite initial success and critical acclaim sales of the Volvo XC 90 are plunging on that mark coming right up online daily. This is not a line daily they show dedicated to enthusiasts of the automotive industry. You know we like to keep an eye on what's going on in the marketplace and were puzzled over what's going on at Volvo last month Volvo sales shot up an impressive 20 percent in the U. S. market thanks to strong gains with the S. 60 and the S. C. 16. Also the S. 90 was not on sale a year ago so that really helped the year over year comparison. But what really caught our attention is the dramatic drop in sales of the ACSI now ...

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