Albino orangutan, rare bay cat & a narwhal discovery

published 2 years ago by Earth Touch

A rare cat spotted in Borneo, scientists discover a new use for narwhal tusks, mountain bikers encounter a bear on the trail and an update on spirtle the sunburned dolphin. All that and more in this week’s recap of wildlife news!

In this week's roundup another wall discovery rare Bornean bay cat sightings spittle the dolphin resurfaces in a surprising bear encounter all that and more in our 2 minute recap of major news. Starting in Texas where a serious storm and disaster for local birds nearly 400 migratory birds were killed when rough winds caused them to smash into the American national building the animals were coming from central and South America during their annual migration. In the Canadian arctic drone photography revealed yet another use for than our walls tusk scientists observe the elusive whales using the modified tooth to whack and stun arctic behind. Even with the ocean we've got a happy update on spurred on the dolphin who is badly some. Greenlee well. Over in Borneo an albino a ring in 10 ...

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