Hematologic Oncology | Aaron T Gerds, MD, MS

published 10 months ago by Dr Neil Love

Myeloproliferative Neoplasms Update — Part 2: Our interview with Dr Gerds highlights the following topics and cases from his practice: Common misconceptions about MPNs (0:00) Alterations of the JAK-STAT signaling pathway in MPNs (1:43) Case: A 61-year-old woman with primary MF and mutations in JAK2, EZH2 and CALR receives ruxolitinib (4:29) Prognostic significance of the JAK2, EZH2 and CALR mutations associated with MF (7:20) Dosing and activity of ruxolitinib for MF (8:53) Management of ruxolitinib-associated cytopenias and effect of ruxolitinib on disease pathogenesis (12:19) Evolution of clinical research with the selective JAK2 inhibitor fedratinib for MF (15:32) Association between fedratinib and thiamine levels; cytopenias associated with fedratinib (17:20) Efficacy of fedratinib as second-line treatment for patients with disease progression on ruxolitinib (18:38) Risks and benefits associated with pacritinib therapy (20:00) Case: A 66-year-old man who presents with anemia is diagnosed with MF and a Type 1 CALR mutation (21:48) Risk of infections associated with ruxolitinib (23:12) Evaluation of ruxolitinib for the treatment of graft-versus-host disease (27:05) Activity of the JAK1/2 inhibitor momelotinib in patients with MF (28:23) Hepcidin suppression and improvement of anemia in patients with MF; effect of novel JAK inhibitors, including fedratinib and momelotinib (30:03) Results of the SIMPLIFY 2 study evaluating momelotinib versus best available therapy for patients with MF previously treated with ruxolitinib (32:28) Use of JAK inhibitors for rheumatoid arthritis (35:29) Novel agents and approaches under investigation for MPNs (36:48) Perspective on the potential role of venetoclax for patients with MPNs (40:30) Case: A 75-year-old woman previously diagnosed with ET and a JAK2 V617F mutation is found to have disease transformation to PV on reassessment 12 years later (43:34) Efficacy and side effects of the MDM2 antagonist idasanutlin in the treatment of PV (47:36) Importance of maintaining hematocrit control in patients with PV (50:15) Role of ruxolitinib for patients with PV (51:55) Case: A 45-year-old woman with persistent headaches is diagnosed with ET and a JAK2 V617F mutation (54:08) Therapeutic options for patients with ET (56:47) Perspective on the need for aspirin for ET (59:17) Role of interferon and PI3-kinase inhibitors in the treatment of MPNs (1:00:37) Select publications

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