AD #2106 – Intel Makes Automotive U-Turn, EVs Won’t Turn Profit Anytime Soon, Used Sales Set to Explode in China

published 1 year ago by John McElroy

- Heat Turned Up on Ford’s CEO - Ford’s Aging Lineup - Intel Makes Automotive U-Turn - VW to Make Own Battery Cells - EVs Won’t Turn Profit Anytime Soon - Used Car Sales Set to Explode in China - Unique Classic Car Show

On today's show BMW is bullish on CPO sales in China continental sons are makers will not make money on E. vis for years to come. And why Ford can't see. Just satisfy Wall Street. On that mark coming right up online daily. This is not a line daily the show for enthusiasts of the automotive industry. Wallstreet is starting to turn up the heat on Ford CEO mark fields Ford's profits dropped more than expected in the first quarter and its stock is down 37 percent since 2014. Bloomberg reports that the board of directors will meet tomorrow to look at how the company can boost growth and profits. Well here's our auto lying in sight. Wallstreet never really rewarded Ford or General Motors for that matter when they posted record growth in earnings over the last 5 years. Meanwhile tap ...

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