Hatha Yoga with Self Myofascial Release for Neck and Shoulders | Yoga with Melissa 484

published 1 year ago by Dr. Melissa West - Yoga Teacher - Namaste Yoga

Hatha Yoga This 60 minute full length, neck and shoulder self myofascial release hatha yoga class combines the best of hatha yoga and self myofascial release. Based on the latest, most up to date research on myofascial release we will attend to myofascial tissue of your neck and shoulders that have been misaligned due to trauma, injury, poor movement patterns and emotional stress. The self myofascial release exercises in this class create a neurological response that will give you more efficient movement patterns, greater range of motion and flexibility and greater ease of movement. The class focuses specifically on movements and yoga poses that will increase the range of motion, flexibility and ease of movement in your neck and shoulders. Myo means muscle and fascia refers to the network of connective tissue that surrounds and includes your muscle. The fascial tissues get misaligned due to trauma, injury, poor movement patterns and emotional stress. In this video you will use your own hands to apply compression and massage techniques to create a neurophysiological response in your myofascia. Your myofascia is rich in nerve endings, so when you apply gentle pressure nerve signals flow to and from your brain. These nerve signals control your proprioception (where you are in space), coordination and your ability to control movement. So when you apply that gentle pressure to your myofascia either using your hands a signal flows to your brain and back to your tissue signaling that there is no longer the need for tension in your neck or shoulders. In a nutshell, myofascial release creates a neurological response that gives you the opportunity to create more efficient movement patterns for your neck and shoulders. If you would like a PDF of MY favourite props and how to use them in a 10 week series of videos not available anywhere else on the web, go to www.melissawest.com/props and put in your email address the box. Our members will be enjoying an entire month dedicated to self myofascial release in our membership community with our myofascial release classes and programs. Link for members: Click Here Link to Become a Member: Click here

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