AD #2104 – VW Offers Big Diesel Bonus, Tire Noise Causing Health Problems, Mercedes Updates Driver Assist Features

published 3 years ago by John McElroy

- VW Offers Bonus for Remaining Diesels - Tire Noise Causing Health Problems - Siemens Creates New EV Fast Charger - Mercedes’ Updates Driver Assist Features - Peugeot Shows Off Refreshed 308 - Is the Dodge Demon Too Fast?

On today's show is the Dodge demand a dangerous car Mercedes updates its suite of driver assistance features and Volkswagen is offering car buyers a good deal to unload its unsold diesels on that more coming right up online daily. This is not a line daily at the shell for enthusiasts of the automotive industry. Volkswagen recently received approval to sell some of its remaining stock of diesel cars in the U. S. and now what's sweetening the deal it's offering a 24 month lease option with an $8500 bonus or 0 percent 72 month financing with a $5000 bonus. This is for vehicles from 2015 with the third generation of the automakers 2 litre TDI engine that includes the Jetta golf beetle Passat an Audi 83 ...

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