AD #2102 – Tesla Posts Mixed Q1 Earnings, Premium Brands Eat Into Luxury Sales, GM Expands the Maven Program

published 1 year ago by John McElroy

- Tesla Posts Mixed Q1 Results - BMW Has a Strong Q1 - Premium Brands Stealing Luxury Sales? - Delphi Considers a Name Change - GM Expands the Maven Program - Ford Updates Its Big Trucks - Making Hydrogen from Water

On today's show premium brands maybe eating into sales of their luxury counterparts the giants supplier Delphi considers changing its name and creating hydrogen from water may not be as controversial as some might think on that mark coming right up online delete. This is not a line daily that show dedicated to enthusiasts of the automotive industry. Tesla reported its first quarter earnings and the results are somewhat mixed the company deliver just over 25000 vehicles which is a quarterly record and that helped push its revenue to 2.$7000000000 which is also a quarterly record. However Tesla's operating and net income are in the red and drop from a year ago that's because the company is burning through a lot of cash over $620000000 in Q. one ...

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