Amur leopard cubs, rhino Tinder & a huge great white

published 2 years ago by Earth Touch

A huge great white gorges on a dead whale, rare Amur leopard cubs spotted, the first Mexican wolf born through artificial insemination and whales help us learn about changing oceans. All that and more in your weekly blast of nature news!

In this week's roundup baby bison in Canada a rhino looking for love tense standoff in Kruger national park in the shark has a whale of a meal starting off in Canada with great news for bison while bison cabs were recently born in Banff national park for the first time in 140 years 16 bison 10 pregnant cousen 6 males were brought to the park is part of an effort to re introduce while bison to band 3 cabs have been born so far in parks Canada expects 7 more will soon follow. Staying with baby news endangered Mexican wolf in Missouri has given birth to a healthy pop with the help of frozen sperm and artificial insemination the pup is the first of his kind to be born this way experts say the birth proves the process can be used to increase the species numbers and to promote genetic diversity. Some babies to baby making rhinos the last male northern white rhino has joined tender is part ...

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