Arizona’s date farms

published 3 years ago by Monocle

The arid Yuma desert is home to a surprisingly plentiful crop. We meet the medjool-date technicians reaching for the skies in Arizona.

Mmhm seems like the most unlikely of settings in the dusty desert of the Yuma valley west in Arizona. Trees that spring up like an oasis or a Mirage of one. Thousands upon thousands of date palms lined up in rows and providing so. Shade and a flavor of the Middle East in this hot. Some drenched corner of the U. S.. It's hit within striking distance of the Mexico border the but you'll take farming is flourishing why because the grow is here a banking on the module the Cadillac of dates according to one proud farm we meet. A plump a fruit of popular the world over for its pleasing texture sweetness. And there's a growing crop of farmers here for the folks at imperial take garden ...

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