AD #2094 – Carmakers Boost Production, Delphi’s Aftermarket OTA Updates, Why Buick Thinks Customers Will Pay More

published 3 years ago by John McElroy

- North American Production Boosted - VW Sentenced to Three Years Probation - Delphi Develops Aftermarket OTA Updates - New Innovation Allows Ford to Recycle Aluminum - Why Buick Thinks Customers Will Pay More

On today's show despite high inventory levels automakers boost production in North America my new innovation is allowing for to recycle 20000000 pounds of aluminum each month NY Buick police its customers are willing to pay even more for its vehicles. On that mark coming right out. Online daily. Bottling daily the show for enthusiasts of the automotive industry. Through the first 2 months of the year light vehicle production dipped slightly in North America but production in March so word words out of reports that automakers bill 1.67 0 vehicles up 9 percent from a year ago Mexico fueled that growth with production skyrocketing 40 percent hitting nearly 372 0 units which is a record for any month in the country ...

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