Land Hacks: Masculine Media Anxiety Disorder (or 55 Film Locations Near Bakersfield)

published 3 months ago by UCTV

John Caldwell, UCLA media studies professor, ethnographer, and filmmaker, discusses his film Land Hacks: Masculine Media Anxiety Disorder (2018). Caldwell is joined by moderator, Jennifer Holt of the Department of Film and Studies at UCSB. Their conversation covers the inspiration and significance of the film which sets out to explore white male victimization in the Trump era. Caldwell’s film uses advertisements, excerpts from Hollywood films, and documentary footage to highlight a series of masculine anxieties for the modern era, and particular to California’s Central Valley. The Q&A contextualizes Caldwell’s development of the film, which explores the politics of industry and labor in the Central Valley, the birthplace of the UFW, and a bastion for California conservatism through the lens of Caldwell’s own health concerns during the filmmaking process. Series: "Carsey-Wolf Center" [Show ID: 34591]

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