Daily Yoga Nidra | Yoga with Melissa 481

published 1 year ago by Dr. Melissa West - Yoga Teacher - Namaste Yoga

Yoga Nidra This daily yoga nidra will allow you to release the tyranny of productivity that can push its way into our day so that we can go with the flow and honour the cycles and rhythms of our being with ease. By taking this time in stillness and quiet to be fully present to the divine within you are offering yourself unwavering connection and unconditional love each day. Deep nourishment through yoga nidra, away from thinking, allows you to be supported and cared for on a deep level. The grace of setting aside a time to open to your self-worth through your spiritual practice allows you to relate to the relate to unfolding of the day as the rich and vital energy that it offers you. Relating to our rich inner world through daily yoga nidra allows us to trust the mysterious unfolding of your life. This yoga nidra is recommended for repeated listening. Regular practice of this daily yoga nidra will augment the positive results you will experience from your meditation sessions. Repeated practice allows for cumulative and enhanced experience. Members Download the Audio Track Here Not a Member? Become a Member Here Yoga Nidra Playlist: CLICK HERE Short Videos about Yoga Nidra: CLICK HERE Download our Daily Yoga Chart and recognize your own self-worth, radiance, interconnection, joy, warmth and love through your yoga practice, daily. Download it here

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