Cavuto: Don't lose your core, Mr. President

published 2 years ago by FOX News Channel

You're confusing voters

So I read when I was out that we like China now and apparently we hate Russia now. That we don't think the giant maze a rake their currency after also holds good. But we do think the Russians pull the strings on serious so old back to be bad. So gone are the days this president swore off ever getting involved in Syria now warming up at the resume their use of chemical weapons again we are back in bombings Syria maybe this is all just the art of the deal the president makes nice with China to trade. So that they could get them to rein in North Korea just as he gets nasty with Russia to prove he's in nobody's hip pocket on anything it is how we does business so who am I to judge except when it comes to these tax cuts about which I can now say this don't hold your breath I'd like to be wrong but forget about getting them done by August now growing doubts they can even get done this year at all ...

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