AD #2088 – Scrambler Production Set for 2019, Musk Teases New Tesla Vehicles, Will Automation Kill Skilled Trades Jobs?

published 1 year ago by John McElroy

- Argus Finds Vulnerabilities with Bosch App - Honda RandD Expands Beyond Cars - GM Expands Autonomous Operations - Musk Teases New Tesla Vehicles - Jeep Scrambler Production Set for 2019 - Will Automation Kill Skilled Trades Jobs?

On today's show Tesla reveals plans for TV pickup and semi truck will automated manufacturing replace the need for skilled trades jobs and jeep scrambler pick up is just 2 years away. All that more coming right up on online daily. This is out of line daily the show dedicated to enthusiasts of the automotive industry. You know people increasingly want their cars connected to all the other things they do but sometimes those features open up their vehicle the hackers and here's the latest example. Researchers at Argus cybersecurity the largest independent cybersecurity company in the world were able to take control of the vehicle via Bluetooth through Bosch's drive lot connector dongle and its smartphone app. After gaining access they were able to inject malicious messages into the vehicle network and shut off its engine ...

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