Sweden on high alert

published 4 years ago by Monocle

The flare-up in the Baltic region has seen tensions rising in Sweden. We visit Gotland to see what action the government is taking to fortify the island.

Or isolated island in the middle of the Baltic Sea price 200 kilometers south of stock and has been at the center of the struggle for the Baltic and at high risk of invasion for thousands of years. But. Government is much more than a Swedish province the post remains the 94 town war and thirteenth century church ruins it is a pivotal propped. Peace in the region. The island is now back in focus as permanent troops for 10 often elevenia laps. Sweden's reputation for peacekeeping. Change as national security takes center stage in the country's politics. The decision was made in you in 2015 wide of parliament upgraded military capability and I some books on the course of the security situation in the name ...

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