The Monocle Quality of Life Conference, Berlin, Germany

published 2 years ago by Monocle

For the 2017 edition we’re switching the format, pace and pitch. We’ll kick things off on Thursday evening with cocktails and then devote all of Friday to a fast-paced eight hours of discussions, one-on-ones and plenty of Q&A mic time (followed by dinner and some moves on the dance floor). Saturday will feature an architectural running tour and a refreshing dip, followed by a leisurely brunch and gallery tour. [Next stop: Madrid. Buy your ticket for the 2019 edition of the conference]( .

A days 25 inspirational speakers 200 guests to great dinners and knows that packed with hundreds of new ideas and fun time. It's time to get ready for one cause annual quality of life conference. Place have a 3 sunny days in Berlin does it the 20 ninth June. Today July 1. Posted by Monaco's extreme chief Todd relate and all the magazines key advances in radio and because. This is an intimate event. The focus is on great ideas supply of hospitality. Straight. For the fresh format and new topics this year you'll get to meet the likes of architect Daniel Libeskind has become part. Future of the liberal city. This meant either wing a traitor Deutschland 83. Discussed burdens mysterious past and yeah how to run a world class restaurant. The real estate bought me ...

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