published 1 year ago by MOSAIC - Erwin Raphael McManus

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I am I gonna get us our welcome in the mosaic podcast I want also to bring it to some exciting things are happening here was a gap you learn about conference coming up this year by embassies new album and their tour across the country and you can learn how to connect it all Sony's freeways and by the way we know how to say channel go access not only these talks with other fresh and new materials are being created specifically for that channel it's if you want to be connected and a richer and fuller wine. I'd only be part of a podcast get. We mentioned earlier that. In 2 weeks I'm starting a series called life's toughest questions. And one reason I'm excited about that is that there there's nothing more irrelevant that answering questions no one is asking. But there may be nothing more powerful and finally answered the question that is always. Held you. You captive ...

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