AD #2083 – Subaru Updates the Outback, Jeep’s Wild Quicksand Concept, Green Cars Outpacing Most Segments

published 4 years ago by John McElroy

- Chinese Automakers Expand Global Footprint - Green Cars Outpacing Most Segments - Subaru Updates the Outback - Honda Reveals the New Civic Si - Subprime Bubble Concerns Overblown - New Dodge Demon Details - Jeep’s Wild Quicksand Concept

On today's show why concerns over subprime bubble are being exaggerated green cars are outperforming pretty much every segment in the U. S. and a look at and wild new Moab concept from jeep all that more coming right up online daily. This is not a line daily per show for enthusiasts of the automotive industry. Chinese automakers continue to expand their global manufacturing footprint SAIC announced it's buying an assembly plant in India that General Motors is abandoning and Reuters reports that great wall is looking at building an assembly plant in Mexico and could possibly use the site that Ford abandoned under pressure from the trump administration. But since trump is threatening to impose an import tax on cars from Mexico great wall is reportedly looking at alternative sites in the United States ...

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