Elephant rescue, white shark nursery & rare baby tigers

published 3 years ago by Earth Touch

A new white shark nursery discovered, an elephant rescue in Cambodia, a troubling fungus hits bats in Texas and we’ve finally figured out why guillemot chicks take their famous leap of faith. All that and more in this week’s roundup of nature news!

This week's roundup the largest dinosaur prince ever discovered a shark plays in the pool incredibly endangered Tigers caught on camera in elephant stuck in a watering hole. Starting off in Australia where paleontologists have mapped the most diverse collection of dinosaur footprints ever discovered located in Western Australia the footprints were reported by an aboriginal community who had known about their existence for thousands of years in bay there's in the Palm Beach pool found themselves an unexpected company it's thought the small shark snuck in during high tide after some morning labs the stowaway was safely returned to more familiar waters. In more shark news international partnership of scientists have confirmed a nursery area for baby white sharks the warm when Joan which is also prime breeding ground for gray whales since about 500 miles south of San Diego. Speaking of babies scientists believe they know ...

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