Radical Reformation #2 - Anabaptists & Scripture

published 4 years ago by Bruxy Cavey

Anabaptists didn't follow the Bible. They followed Jesus. And that's why they studied the Bible.

I can't explain to you how big this is they can feel so enormous so overwhelming and it is it needs to be because it's too easy for us to shrink it and make it our own nter reduce it to a slogan we can manage and in doing so we miss so much. We've made it too small and so I can't explain is complete grand next to you but I can try maybe I can give you just a glimpse of what it is a tiny sliver of this grand story I want to I really do because it grips me fascinates me. Puzzles me it moves me but most importantly it completely changes me this is the story I want to share with you ...

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