Daily Yoga Routine for Beginners | Yoga with Melissa 478

published 1 year ago by Dr. Melissa West - Yoga Teacher - Namaste Yoga

Daily Yoga This is a simple, step by step, easy to follow, slow Daily Yoga Routine for Beginners. The class is taught by expert beginner yoga teacher, Melissa West, who has over 50 much loved beginner yoga videos on YouTube. This one is a 60 minute full body yoga routine that beginners can practice daily. It is great for low back pain, digestion, spinal mobility, balance, core strength, circulation, depression, and will strengthen your legs, glutes, and back muscles. These yoga poses are taught in a simple, step by step easy to follow way. 10 Day Get Started Yoga Program: If you are looking to learn yoga from the best beginner yoga teacher on YouTube then sign up for my 10 day Yoga Get Started Yoga for Beginners Program. In it I will share my best tips for taking beginner yoga classes, how to start yoga at home if you are a beginner, explain why yoga works, talk about how hatha yoga works, how to breathe in yoga and more. 8 Week Beginner Yoga Course: Click Here This 8 week Yoga for Beginners Course is the most comprehensive and easy way to learn yoga slowly over time at your own pace. Complete it in nine weeks or take your time. Melissa has chosen these classes and put them in the best order for you to be able to learn hatha yoga step by step. Within this framework you will be able to see what beginner yoga classes you have completed, you can mark your favourite classes and you can bookmark classes that you want to come back to. Each week you will be given space for rest and renewal with restorative yoga and yoga nidra (sleep yoga). You will begin with basic hatha yoga classes, learn the parts of a hatha yoga class, learn beginner yoga poses, learn the concepts that come up again and again in a beginner yoga class, practice some of the most requested classes from beginners including strength, flexibility and letting go of stress. This truly is the most comprehensive beginner yoga course available on the web and Melissa is here to support you on your journey here each step of the way in our community. Sign up Here  

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