AD #2078 – Obama Gifts Limo to Trump, EPA Finds Another Defeat Device, Russians Beat the Winter Blues

published 4 years ago by John McElroy

- Dollars and Cents - DMZ is in the Zone - DPRK Smashes Tractor Record - Dear Leader Outshoots Dennis Rodman - Obama Gifts Limo to Trump - EPA Finds Another Defeat Device - Russians Beat the Winter Blues

On today's show a rap artist that's big on the auto industry North Korea sets a new production record for farm tractors and how some Russians have reinvented curling. Car. All that and more coming right up on online daily. This as online daily the show dedicated to enthusiasts of the Gregorian calendar who know that tomorrow is. The first day of April. Earlier this week the Chinese internet company transcend bought 5 percent of tells a lot now online daily has learned that the rap artist 50 cent is buying 40 percent of 10 cent. Which gives 50 St 2 percent of tells a lot thanks to his investment in 10 cent. Sorry if all this sounds confusing but we plead innocent. By the way the story first broke on the north Korean new site DMZ and illegal affiliate of the American ...

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