Cavuto: Now that's a death spiral

published 2 years ago by FOX News Channel

KELT-16b hurtles toward destruction

I had that one a loop of my heart. Anyway time for a little perspective here world in the diet. Sir I want you to think about that limits all the heat here on earth the time is coming when this whole planet of ours does heats up more like burns up and just like that no more earth it's true. Or try to astronomers are saying now it's just a matter of time that our son will eventually burn out and we'll all her need to our inter galactic debts. Apparently it's already happening not to us yet to Jupiter size planet NASA is calling kelp 16 beat it's 1300 light years away it is getting a little too close to its own side how close about 2000000 miles close only a few 0 years ago was 4.6000000 miles from that's done now it takes less than a day less than a day into orbit around it and now it is being torn apart. Stream he'd massive tides it's in what they call a death ...

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