AD #2074 – How Jeep Creates Moab Concepts, Uber Suspends Autonomous Tests, Should Chevy Make a Corvette SUV?

published 2 years ago by John McElroy

- Uber Suspends Autonomous Tests - Should Chevy Make a Corvette SUV? - U.S. March Sales Expected to Hit Record - CARB Reaffirms ZEV Mandates - California ZEV Sales Mandate - OEMs Worried They Can’t Meet ZEV Mandate Outside CA - How Jeep Creates Moab Concepts

On today's show one of 3 came out with the corvette S. U. V. mover suspense at that time is vehicle program after one gets in a crash and my automakers are some opposed to California zev mandate on that mark coming right up an online daily. This is out of line daily the show for enthusiasts of the automotive industry. Over is suspending its pilot program for autonomous cars after one of its autonomous Volvo XC nineties was involved in an accident in Arizona over the weekend. Reuters reports that a second vehicle failed to yield to the Goober vehicle while it was making a turn hitting it and causing it to flip on its side. No one was injured in even though it doesn't appear uber is at fault the company is still suspending its testing pending the outcome of the investigation. Should corvette make ...

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