Selling in Today's Hot Market

published 2 years ago by Mike Beacom

If you're selling your house in the hot Omaha market, you need to be ready for things to happen at a very fast pace by carefully mapping out your strategy with your Realtor. Want to sell your home? Get a FREE home value reportWant to buy a home? Search all homes for saleIf you're selling your house in today's hot market, things are going to happen at a very fast pace. You'll stick a sign in the yard, showings will start right away, and you might receive an offer (or multiple offers even) very quickly that commands a fast response time. How do you handle all this?As the seller, you obviously want to get the most money for your home, and this is achieved by giving your home market exposure. If someone sees your home in the morning, submits an offer two hours later, and they want a response right away, you haven't exposed your home to the market.On the other hand, if you have 15 showings and five offers on the first day, how do you handle them all? You want to plan this strategy out with your Realtor and keep a few things in mind.First, remember that if you keep your home on the market for a longer time, you will at least give the most interested buyers time to get to your property to see it and possibly write an offer, giving you a number of competing offers. If you take the first offer that comes to your door, you might miss the opportunity to get really great terms or an even better price. In a hot market like ours, you need to map out your strategy with your Realtor.What if another buyer wants to offer $5,000 more or they want to pay all cash and close in just two weeks? What if a buyer will waive the inspection or warranty? Many different factors could come together to make the situation ideal for you as the seller.You want to map this strategy out with your Realtor. Will you have an open house and wait 48 hours before looking at any offers? Will we just look at the first offer that comes in and accept it if it meets all your needs? There are many good possible outcomes for you as the seller, but you need to be prepared to handle the frenzy of what could happen if you want the opportunity to get the highest price and best terms for your house.If you have any questions I can help you with or you're thinking about selling your Omaha home, don't hesitate to give me a call. I'd be happy to help you!

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