The power of journalism

published 4 years ago by Monocle

What’s the future of media? We take a look into the art of original reporting and see why we devour stories in different ways.

We're sitting in the middle of such a turbulent time for for media right now part of the problem is that as we try to focus on an Anglo Saxon solution there are so many problems I think that are erupting out of the U. S. why would you look there and I I believe that there are so many other interest in pockets around the world where there are still great friends and at a sustainable laws I think as we approach the one fifth of the way through the 20 first century. We're coming to the realizada at it's not going to be. Old. It's very important. Change accuse you. Aspect is that news stories to that US. So that they do get out of there filter bubbles and their their normal sources and so ...

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