AD #2068 – Could Trump Raise Car Import Taxes?, Converting Wastewater to Biofuel, Training Techs with Virtual Reality

published 4 years ago by John McElroy

- Training Techs with Virtual Reality - Converting Wastewater to Biofuel - NVIDIA and Bosch Create AI Self-Driving Computer - Goodyear’s Futuristic Tires - 37 Seconds in the Autoline Garage - Could Trump Raise Car Import Taxes?

On today's show Bausch and nvidia develop an artificial intelligence supercomputer for autonomous driving Spanish automakers say out helps create a process to convert waste water into by a fuel and John things trump could be seriously thinking about raising. Port taxes on cars. All that mark coming right up. An online. Does not align daily the show dedicated to enthusiasts of the automotive industry. Virtual reality is making something of a comeback and now Honda is using the technology on the factory floor one of its engineers created a virtual world for maintenance and equipment service tax. To practice their welding techniques before they ever enter a welding booth. This allows them to hone their skills without using up materials. So not only is Honda improving technical training but it's also cutting car ...

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