NASA EDGE: Best of SAGE III Launch Coverage

published 3 years ago

NASA EDGE provides coverage of the successful launch of SAGE III aboard the SpaceX Faclon 9 from historic pad 39A at NASA Kennedy Space Center. The Stratospheric Aerosal and Gas Experiment (SAGE III) is the first science instrument to be mounted on the International Space Station and will help sustain the vital atmospheric data record of previous

Welcome NSA edge and inside and outside look at all things NASA we're here on the press site at NASA Kennedy Space Center and what is cloudy Florida we have explored wants today because we have the SpaceX falcon 9 CRS 10 mission ray go from pad 39 a. A which is going to bring up 55. Science it's. Experiments research equipment supplies bound for the. Space station. And one of those cool instrument there is going up on the dragon castle is a stage 3 ...

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