AD #2053 – New Jeep Compass Marks Major Milestone, Schmidt Pleads Not Guilty, Can Auto Shows Survive?

published 2 years ago by John McElroy

- New Jeep Compass Marks Major Milestone - Schmidt Pleads Not Guilty - New Volkswagen Arteon - Cars Playing Big Role in Cleaning the Air - Dollars For Data - Can Auto Shows Survive?

On today's show the new jeep compass marks a major milestone for the brand will tell you why and did you know the data generated by your car could be worth a fortune and. Shows. Your threat all that and more coming right up. Online daily. This is ongoing daily the show for enthusiasts. Automotive industry. The new jeep compass represents a major milestone for the brand. It's the last vehicle in the line up to get completely overhauled ever since Chrysler emerged from bankruptcy. Designers hit on what they think is going to be a great way to make this thing south they made it look a lot like a grand Cherokee but at a much lower price. A base compass starts around $22000 while a well equipped one will go for around 36000. Depending on how they were equipped that means the compasses anyway ...

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