AD #2052 – Tesla to Start Making Model 3 in Jul, High Inventory to Push February Sales, Demon’s Launching Tricks

published 4 years ago by John McElroy

- Tesla’s 2016 Earnings - Tesla to Start Making Model 3 in Jul - February Sales Forecast - Technology Won’t Hold Back Electric Cars - Dodge Demon’s Launching Tricks - Carlos Ghosn Steps Aside as Nissan CEO - VW Exec to Appear in Court Over Emission Scandal

On today's show Teslin says it'll start making the model 3 in July Carlos Ghosn gives up one job as he takes on another and a few of the large. Gritz that make the Dodge demon. Ultimate drag car. All that and more coming right up on online gaming. This is our online daily the show dedicated. Susie yes. Automotive industry. Does a lot reported its earnings for the last year and the numbers will get plenty of ammunition to the company supporters and its critics. Tesla sold nearly 77000 cars last. Here and brought in 6.$3000000000 of revenue that was up 70 percent you know as long as that top line keeps growing so fast. The investment community is going to lob has less stock. Critics will point out that the company posted both an operating ...

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