AD #2051 – Jeep Says It Can Double Sales, Land Rover Teases New SUV, U.S. Drivers Waste A Lot of Time in Traffic

published 2 years ago by John McElroy

- Most Congested U.S. Cities - New BMWs Will Collect Data for Automated Driving - Cars Could Become Virtual Personal Assistant - Cadillac Infotainment Upgrades - Toyota and Denso Develop New Exhaust Catalyst - Jeep Says It Can Double Sales - Land Rover Teases New SUV

On today's show jeeps as they can double sales to 3000000 vehicles annually Land Rover teases an all new SUV and Americans waste a lot of time stuck in traffic all that more coming right up on online daily. This is our ally Daly official for enthusiasts of the automotive industry. Car drivers in the U. S. waste a whole lot of time stuck in traffic in rex a company that analyzes traffic data just released a study covering over 1000 cities and 38 countries and it found that the U. S. is the most congested developed country in the world on average driver spent 40 2:00 hours a year stuck in traffic during peak hours in 2016 and as they say time is money the direct and indirect cost of the congestion is about $300000000000 a year ...

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