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published 4 years ago by Jupiter Broadcasting

The details on the latest WordPress vulnerability, then the surprising, or perhaps not so surprising takeover of a cybersecurity firms website & watch out, hacker's may be using your microphone to steal your data! Plus a packed roundup, your feedback & so much more!

Coming up on this week's episode of text up we get the details of the latest wordpress vulnerability the surprising or not so surprising takeover of a cyber security firms website. And then watch out hackers may be using your P. C. microphone to steal your data. And we've got your feedback irreverent roundup. On this week's episode of. Welcome to this week's episode of Texans. Jupiter broadcasting's weekly systems network and administration pocket. This episode was streamlined on 2/21/2017 and is brought to you by our 3 excellent sponsors DigitalOcean. Taking. And I existence. My name is Wes and with me this week as every week is our host the admin. The organizer and most importantly for us today ...

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