AD #2049 – GM Plans Large Scale Autonomous Bolt Test, Hyundai Ioniq Impressions, Suburban is a Profit Machine

published 2 years ago by John McElroy

- GM to Test Thousands of Autonomous Bolts - The Chevy Suburban is a Profit Machine - Hyundai Ioniq Impressions - Ford Recreates Famous Film in VR - Lightweighting Seats

On today's show GM is reportedly planning to deploy thousands of self driving Chevy books next year this suburban is not profit machine for Chevy in are impressed. Of the all new Hyundai I.. On that mark coming right up online daily. This is not a line daily that show for enthusiasts of the automotive industry. A number of companies are testing autonomous vehicles out in the public but only in limited numbers by next year though GM will leapfrog its competition and deploy the largest fleet of self driving cars out on the road. Reuters reports that GM plants to task thousands of autonomous Chevy bull E. vis in 2018. Most of the vehicles will be used by its right sharing partner left which will test the cars in several states. And this is just another indicator that autonomous cars are close ...

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