AD #2045 – Hack-Proof Cars Could Come Soon, PSA Wants to Buy Opel, Mercedes Taps Horse and Buggy Styling

published 2 years ago by John McElroy

- Mercedes-Maybach G650 Landaulet - PSA Wants to Buy Opel - Ferrari’s Revenue Breakdown - China Blocks Korean Battery Makers - Why We Need Autonomous Cars - Experts Say Hack-Proof Cars Coming Soon

On today's show the experts say hack proof cars are right around the corner PSA tells General Motors it would love to buy old bald and China retaliates. South Korea battery may. Over an American missile defense system all that and more coming right up. Online dating. This is not a line daily the show for enthusiasts of the automotive industry. The Mercedes G. wagon is already pretty opulent but bands as firing up the Wayback machine to make it even more extravagant meet the Mercedes my Bach G. 650 landaulet a land all layers are body style that goes back to the horse and buggy days where the back half of the roof folds down in this case it's electrically controlled inside passengers are believed in luxury. A glass partition ...

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