Keys to the Cart: February 13, 2017

published 4 years ago by Ed Nemergut and Robert Thiele (presented by the IARS)

Difficult Mask Predictor; Difficult Airway Algorithm

And we are back welcome to another exciting edition of keys to the car a weekly open anesthesia podcast where we will review several IT keywords in just a couple of minutes. My name is doctor alley battle and I'm an anesthesiologist at the university of Virginia. Joining us this week is one of my colleagues Dr Susan Jones doctor Jones works in private practice and it had to mean it's quite a few difficult Airways and she's back here today to help review some more keywords. Hi doctor Jones welcome back thank you for helping us unlock some knowledge today. Hello and thank you for having me back for my third show each week is more fun. So doctor Jones you've taken care of several patients with difficult Airways. I have and it is always stressful the management requires good planning good equipment and at times an extra set of hands. I was hoping to talk about a couple of key words related to airway valuation and management this week. Every management is something that we do every day is anesthesiologists and we have to be prepared prepared for everything ...

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