AD #2039 – Daimler Sacrifices Profit for R and D, Fords Depreciate the Least, Sales By Segments

published 2 years ago by John McElroy

- Fords Depreciate the Least - Daimler Sacrifices Profit for R and D - Mercedes Too Rich for Infiniti’s Taste - F1 Drivers Reject Halo Device - Sales By Segments - Data Rich Chevrolets - Getting the Styling Right

On today's show which car brand has the best depreciation you might be surprised Daimler ramps up its R. and D. spending. Formula 1 driver say phone we check that safety halo. All that and more coming right up. Online dating. WNED. This is not a line daily to show dedicated to enthusiasts of the automotive industry. Which cars retain their value the bast that's something that a UK company called car spring set out to one copy it compared cars with an average up 34700 miles on the odometer versus the cost of that same model the year it was first out in the market and it found that for words hold their value better than any brand followed closely by Toyota they lost about 42 percent of their value wall at the other end of the spectrum. Audi's. Chevrolet ...

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