AD #2036 – VW Compensates 3.0L Diesel Owners, Mercedes Unveils AMG GLE43, Dodge Demon Weight Loss Secrets

published 2 years ago by John McElroy

- Bosch Settles Lawsuit - VW Compensates 3.0L Diesel Owners - Model S and i3 Fall Short in IIHS Tests - Dodge Demon Weight Loss Secrets - BMW Introduces 5 Series Touring Model - Mercedes Unveils AMG GLE43 - Have We Reached an EV Tipping Point?

And today shall wash gets nailed for its role in the VW scandal we've got some of the weight loss secrets of the Dodge demon and why sales of electric cars will really take off in about 5 years on it more coming right up on online daily. This is not a line daily the show that reports on all aspects of the automotive industry. Last September a group of VW owners in the U. S. sued Bosch over its involvement in the diesel scandal the lawsuit claimed the supplier company conspired with the W. to develop software that could detect when diesel engines were being tested for emissions. And now the company has settled that sealed it will pay 327 0.$5000000 to VW Audi and Porsche owners with 2 and 3 leader diesels. As part of the settlement Washington didn't have to admit it did anything wrong ...

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