Cavuto: Too many problems for politicians to play games

published 2 years ago by FOX News Channel

Makes a mockery of America values

3 days of this vague goal faulted the market sells off yet again today allow me to. You decide let's just say you won't be happy welcome everybody up Neil Cavuto and this is your world a confused and nervous business world because of what is going on in the political world don't believe me believe called betting money on it and apparently sick of that. And you know why they are sick of it because it is getting in the way of some of the real things that they want like tax reform regulatory reform things like jobs growth and hope. The country moving. But here's the thing happening stocks are stumbling because these guys are fumbling now in all sorts of Charlie's way let me give you an example just from today Democrats boycotted confirmation hearings for president trump's treasury and how the Human Services secretaries and Senate rules are if not a single member of the opposition party is therefore committee hearing guess what ...

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