AD #2035 – Honda and GM Form Fuel Cell JV, Ford’s Unique Super Bowl Ad, Opel Unveils All-New Crossland X

published 3 years ago by John McElroy

- Honda and GM Form Fuel Cell JV - Toyota Using Hydrogen Forklifts - Ford Ad Shows It’s Serious About Mobility - Infiniti’s Unique Interior Touches on QX50 Concept - Paris Launches Commercial EV Sharing Program - Opel Unveils All-New Crossland X

On today's show Honda and GM former joint venture to build fuel cells openly showing off a new CV called the Crossland acts in Ford is taking a unique approach with its Superbowl commercial on that more coming right up on online dating. This is auto and daily the show for enthusiasts of the automotive industry. General Motors and Honda are taking an important step forward to making fuel cells. They're forming a joint venture to manufacture them at the GM plant in Michigan that assembles battery packs the investment is fairly modest $85000000 and it will create about 100 new jobs to begin with. Honda began releasing its latest fuel cell car the clarity late last year in Japan in the U. S. it offers a lease for $369 a month. $2500 down ...

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