Ortho Inservice Review Part 3- Pelvic Injuries, Lower Extremity, Peds Ortho

published 3 years ago by Steve Carroll, DO

This is Ortho Inservice Review Part 3 which covers injuries to the Pelvis, Lower Extremities, and Pediatric Ortho conditions.  This screencast originally appeared on the Emergency Board Review Podcast in 2012.

This is also review part 3 we're gonna cover the lower extremities this is for the emergency Porter you podcast again my name Steve Caroline irony in basic podcast. And I was at the mention of the screen Cass's not represent the views or opinions of. Offense the US army or the Fort Hood postman. So let's get started. So pelvic fractures you know it they're pretty low yield don't waste your time memorizing all the different kinds of public fractures just know this they can lose lots of blood and you know average bad public fracture can you know lose 12 units of blood on can need 12 units of blood during the resuscitation. Don't rock people's palace so doctor Schooley from such shock trauma was on and wrap once I think was and rapidly said every time you rock pelvis you've just lost senior blood so don't rock the pelvis ...

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