Ortho Inservice Review- Part 2

published 3 years ago by Steve Carroll, DO

This is Ortho Inservice Review Part 2 which will cover injuries to the wrist and hand.  This screencast originally appeared on the Emergency Board Review Podcast in 2012.

Everybody this is worth a review part 2 when we covering the rest hand and lower extremities for emergency board review podcast. Again my name Steve Carrell Iran the embase podcast. And as always have to set the screen castles numbers and. Apparent offense the US army in the Fort Hood pose command. So let's get started. So ideas of the first things around talk about some wrist fractures and dislocations will go through each one of these I individually. So it's just a plain normal xray of the rest. you see that you have all Europe carpal bones here you metacarpals here you radius rona your PC form kind of hangs out in this general area about will go over this little more. The first one to talk about is a lunate dislocation so this is a Fuzhou I've fallen turnout stress ...

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