Ortho Inservice Review Part 1- Thorax and Upper Extremities

published 3 years ago by Steve Carroll, DO

In Part 1 of this 3 part series for Orthopedics inservice review we'll review orthopedic injuries to the Thorax and Upper Extremities.  This is a screencast that was originally broadcasted on the Emergency Board Review website and podcast in 2012.

Everybody this is Steve Carroll and this is ortho border view part one thorax and upper extremities for merge seaboard view.com. Again a little bit about myself when he was Steve Caroline I run the invasive podcast. Does your boot camp god of mercy medicine I review com in emergency medicine chief complaints at the level of a medical sooner in turn you get for free on iTunes arena based on org. And as always this podcast does not represent the views of pennies apartment offense the US army the Fort Hood pause command. Let's get started here's an overview just in general off for him he talking about section by section throughout this review. So in general just few things to keep in mind all non displaced fractures should get immobilized whereas displaced or foobar fractures need surgery some these fractures will need surgery more urgently than others. you wanna reduced dislocations in a timely manner more merging dislocations if there's nerve Baskakov rise. And make sure to get AB eyes on all your works from tree and injuries will talk ...

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