Noah's IPSEC Adventure | LAS 454

published 3 years ago by Jupiter Broadcasting

How Noah uses IPsec to set up secure network traffic. The law that might open up hardware to hobbyist & we narrow down the options for bulletproof Linux. Plus the picks, news & more!

Exaction show is created by Jupiter broadcasting it's sponsored by tango to last save off your first device or plan and DigitalOcean go to and use the promo code here's the thing all one word like your slur in it it's going to be on the next break for free and clinics academy go to links slash unplugged and invest in your mind while saving some money welcome to look exactly jobs over 454 my name is Chris. My name is Noah a know a good morning to you guess what we got a big show today are major topic today is gonna be a little IP sec Lovin we're gonna talk about IP sec adventures that no has gone through and I would just label them as adventures for right now will get more into it has the show goes on in the news saying over and talked about some fantastic news for hardware enthusiasts especially those of us who like to maybe modify the piece of equipment that we bought but she has some big big news for 11 it's very caused means forks and all of the above wine 2.I was ...

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